New Homeowner Special


Just bought a house and don't know where to start? Our Garden Coach will help you understand what's in your yard, show you how to maintain your landscape, set goals for your habitat, make recommendations for landscape design, and map out a plan for how to get it all done.

This package includes: A one-hour session with our expert Garden Coach with extensive follow up.

About Pamela Doan

Pamela Doan is a Master Gardener and Garden Coach in the Hudson Valley. Initially a passionate home gardener, Pamela has pursued education and training in home gardening focusing on the challenges of environmentally conscious home gardening. In 2013, she began contributing to Roots and Shoots column for the Highlands Current, focusing on gardening and the environment.  She has researched and written about everything from growing guides to the loss of biodiversity in our seed banks.

Pamela started out gardening at her homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and on a rooftop in Brooklyn before settling on nine acres in the woods in Cold Spring, NY. The property she moved to was neglected, and mostly covered by invasive plants such as Japanese barberry, mugwort, garlic mustard and Oriental bittersweet. Although a few plantings weren’t being eaten by deer, most plants on the property had little ecological benefit to the habitat, and the forest was a canopy without a healthy understory.

Her drive to restore and refresh this home habitat led her to learn about and implement no-till organic gardening, incorporating native plants and understory trees, hugelkulture beds, and small-scale agroforestry farming.

One Nature is thrilled to have Pamela as our residents Garden Coach with a mission of supporting Hudson Valley residents in transforming their yards and properties into healthy, home-based habitats.

What is Garden Coaching?

For many home owners designing a picture perfect native landscape or a sustainable organic vegetable garden can feel out of reach. Our Garden Coaching services bring an expert to your home to help you tackle your biggest gardening challenges. Working side-by-side, our Garden Coach will teach you new gardening skills, and support you in creating the home habitat of your dreams.


Garden Coaching Packages

You can purchase any of our Garden Coaching Packages (descriptions below) at the level that works for you --a single consultation, a 3 session package, a 6 session package. Or, we can work with you to design a Garden Coaching Package tailored to your goals. 

Consultation ($125)
A single visit from the One Nature Garden Coach who will answer questions and offer advice and suggestions to help you along with your project.

3 coaching sessions ($350)
An initial visit and two follow-up visits to your property to offer ongoing assistance and support at different stages of your project. Schedule to be determined based on needs of project.

6 coaching sessions ($600)
An initial visit and five follow-up visits to your property throughout the season to offer ongoing assistance and support at different stages of your project. Schedule to be determined based on needs of project.

Add-on’s ($125/hour)

  • Organic clean-up or set-up of a yard or garden

  • Sustainability Assessment

  • Vacation Maintenance: You don't have to abandon your plants to go on vacation! We will water, harvest, and prune while you're away.

  • Curb Appeal: Selling your property? We offer organic landscaping to spruce up your yard.



Managing Invasive Species with Native Plants

Most home gardeners are struggling to keep their yards from being dominated by non-native, invasive species. We use the latest research on organic methods to help eradicate and control unwanted plants without herbicides. Learn how to identify invasive species, safely remove them, and restore your home habitat with native plants.


Four Season Gardening

Whether you’re growing vegetables, fruit, or landscaping for beauty and sustainability, your yard can be productive, colorful and have habitat value throughout the year. Learn how to plan vegetable planting successions and create a garden that's always in bloom. 


Building Healthy Soil

Fertile soil can supply your plants with all the necessary organic nutrients they need to grow. Healthy soil holds water, drains well, and sequesters carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas). Learn how to assess and amend your soil to best support your plants. 


Organic Vegetable Gardening

Home vegetables gardens come in all shapes and sizes, from a few basics to supplement meals with or a large garden to feed your family.  Learn how to use organic methods to build soil fertility, manage pests, and be sustainable without chemical fertilizers.


Additional Garden Coaching Packages

Gardening for Butterflies, Birds and Pollinators
Create a vital and rich experience in your yard with plantings that attract and support butterflies, birds and bees with food, water, and places to nest. Due to development and climate change, many of these local populations are having a hard time surviving and their numbers are dropping. 

Rain Gardens and Rainwater Management
Although the Hudson Valley gets a decent amount of precipitation, it tends to come in heavy downpours and there are long periods in between. Rain gardens are natural basins planted with moisture-loving perennials that hold water in your yard rather than letting it run-off into storm drains and contributing to flooding and water pollution. 

Edible Landscapes
Landscaping Vegetables, herbs and fruit can add to the beauty of landscapes and make an easy source of food. The trick is planting them in ways that they blend in and work well with neighboring plants.

Water-Efficient Landscaping
Lawns, vegetable gardens, newly planted trees, flowers, container gardens- learn how to water effectively, how to plant in water conservative ways and how to choose plants that will require the least amount of maintenance. Consultation $125 3 coaching sessions $250 6 coaching sessions $400

Permaculture Techniques
Learn how to approach your yard as an ecosystem that regenerates and uses all the resources it produces.